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V-Nova Ltd. is a London-headquartered software company providing advanced video compression technology and software solutions to address the dramatic growth in global network traffic. V-Nova is at the heart of digitalisation, serving multiple industry segments, including TV & Media where it provides solutions spanning the entire media delivery chain, from UHD/4K contribution to distribution, to connected devices and set-top-boxes.

V-Nova’s award-winning PERSEUS™ technology closes the gap between evolving capacity needs and limitations associated with legacy compression technologies to process data and video in new ways. This means that data can be transported, stored and secured faster and more cost-effectively, without the need for network upgrades. V-Nova is driving a new era in TV & Media with ground-breaking software solutions that shift the bitrate-quality curve to enable UHD at HD bitrates, HD at SD bitrates, and SD video at sub-audio bitrates.

V-Nova is empowering a growing number of customers and partners to differentiate their products, increase market reach, and provide new services, all within currently available bandwidth and infrastructure.





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