In 2018 82% of video streaming traffic was using the h.264 codec despite the emergence of various more advanced alternatives like VP9 and HEVC, which can offer up to a 50% (typically 20-30%) reduction in required bitrates for the same quality. In 2020, still over 80% of video streaming traffic is using h.264, with even more advanced codec options on the horizon (AV1, EVC, VVC) and a novel enhancement standard (MPEG-5 LCEVC) that improves the efficiency of either h.264 or newer codecs.

Many of the barriers to adopting newer coding technologies are generally understood, but how do we break those down and accelerate progress?

Dan Rayburn has recently conducted a survey exploring these barriers and possible solutions. He will join the webinar to present some of the findings and moderate the discussion with Luis Vicente (CEO of Eleven Sports) and Guido Meardi (Founder and CEO of V-Nova).

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Join the experts on Wednesday 2nd December at 5pm GMT and learn about the key barriers to adoption of codecs plus the latest ways to overcome them.

Group CEO @ELEVEN Sports

Luis Vicente is Group CEO of ELEVEN SPORTS and Board Member of the sports, media and entertainment investment platform Aser Ventures. Luis is a vastly experienced sports executive, with a 25-year track record of driving innovation, commercial growth and brand engagement. Luis has worked with some of the world’s leading brands in football and motorsports, including FIFA, Manchester City, Valencia CF, Real Madrid, AC Milan, the Premier League, La Liga, Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus and A1GP. He began his career in talent management, representing Luis Figo and Ronaldo Nazario among other world class athletes.


Karam Malhotra is Partner and Global VP at SHAREit, one of the leading sharing apps in Asia with over 1.5Billion users.
SHAREit is reliant on the most sophisticated compression technologies in order to offer the best customer experience.

Previously Karam attained extensive experience in managing businesses that require faultless and high quality video streaming; as a cofounder of fastfilmz and Greatest Common Factor.

Dan Rayburn

Streaming Media Expert

Dan Rayburn is considered to be one of the foremost authorities, speakers, and writers on streaming media technology and online video business models. An avid blogger, author and analyst, Dan is often referred to as the “voice of the industry”. His blog is one of the most widely read sites for broadcasters, content owners. His articles have been published by the WSJ, NYT, CNN, Huff Post, Fortune, Business Insider, Gizmodo and he has been interviewed on Bloomberg, FOX, CNN, CBS, CNBC, and NPR amongst others. Due to his expertise in the content delivery market, he has also received invitations to speak as a witness at hearings by both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives on topics pertaining to net neutrality, telecom mergers and content delivery architectures.