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Il Giorno, Economia & Lavoro covers V-Nova Series C closure and Neva Sgr investment. Find the full news article here: V-NOVA, ROUND DA SCINTILLE E NEVA LA METTE IN PORTAFOGLIO - Economia -  

Guido Meardi speaks to IABM about the benefits of V-Nova LCEVC,

The latest issue of IABM's Journal features Guido Meardi talking about the benefits of V-Nova LCEVC, its unique licensing model and what's in store for the company's future. Find the full article here .

Faultline neatly captures the journey of LCEVC

In the latest issue of Rethink Research's Faultline, Tommy Flanagan gives a rundown on the V-Nova LCEVC journey so far and what the latest development - certifying SOUTHWORKS as Integration Services Partner - means for the future: Faultline has long known that LCEVC is positioned as a crossindustry weapon – something to be deployed in areas from…
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Jan Ozer believes in LCEVC helping with “Computing Break Even on Codec Deployments”

In a recent article for OTTVerse, video expert Jan Ozer talks about skyrocketing implementation costs and plummeting savings in computing and pegs LCEVC as an exception to those rules: Which leaves us with LCEVC, or Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding, a.k.a the V-NOVA codec. LCEVC flips the switch because it’s actually cheaper to encode than…

Faultline: V-Nova secures first integration partner for LCEVC video enhancement

Tommy Flannagan from Rethink Research's Faultline covers and analyses Southworks partnership with V-Nova as an Integration partner. Read full article here: V-Nova secures first integration partner for LCEVC video enhancement - Rethink (
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Streaming Media Interviews Guido Meardi on LCEVC Licensing Terms

V-Nova, the primary developer of the Low Complexity Enhancement Video Codec (LCEVC) codec, announced its royalty terms last month. We talked with V-Nova CEO and co-founder Guido Meardi to get a better sense of where LCEVC is at in terms of deployment, as well as to get more insight into the licensing structure. Read the full interview here: LCEVC…

V-Nova featured in MEDIANTEK’s Summer 2021 First Issue

In the very first issue of MEDIANTEK, V-Nova is featured in the following segments: #NFocus Community Q&A Fabio Murra, SVP Product & Marketing, answers a question from the Sports Industry "How to avoid extra bandwidth costs and reduce latency while live-streaming our events?" (p.26) Sustainability In A World Of Remote Video Consumption Sam…
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“V-Nova LCEVC: A licence to thrill” – TVBEurope

In a recent TVBEurope interview, following V-Nova LCEVC Licensing Terms being announced last month, Guido Meardi takes TVBEurope through the company's licensing terms for V-Nova LCEVC, how quickly he believes the technology will be adopted by the industry, and its next steps. You can read the full article here: V-Nova LCEVC: A licence to thrill -…
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SatNews: V-Nova, D-Orbit and Unibap Together Demonstrate VC-6 For On-Orbit Satellite Imagery Acceleration

V-Nova announced that their SMPTE VC-6 ST 2117 data coding standard has teamed up with D-Orbit in partnership with intelligent automation specialists Unibap, to demonstrate next generation hyper-spectral imaging from Polar orbit. VC-6 high-performance AI-powered software library will be integrated into Unibap’s SpaceCloud® computing platform…
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IBC interviews Guido Meardi in “Sustainability Focus: A Paradigm Shift for Vendors”

In a recent interview with IBC, V-Nova CEO Guido Meardi highlights the importance of LCEVC in the conversation around sustainability. How are vendors and manufacturers making sure their products and services support broadcasters, platforms and content creators in their efforts to make broadcast and film a more sustainable operation? Michael Burns finds…