“V-Nova’s mic-drop moment has arrived. [It] is about to go mainstream in Brazil” – Rethink Research

In yesterday's edition of Faultline's Rethink Research, Tommy Flanagan announces that the SBTVD Forum officially published the results of its Call for Proposals for SBTVD TV3.0, including LCEVC in its recommendation.  While the gory details aren’t strictly public, we understand it involves notifying the legal departments of every TV manufacturer,…

“We can finally see what all the fuss was about with V-Nova’s world-first in VR” – Tommy Flanagan

In the most recent edition of Rethink Research's Faultline, Tommy Flanagan reports on assisting to a live demo by CEO Guido Meardi of the V-Nova and PresenZ collaborative 6 Degrees of Freedom film: This is not a drill. Faultline is still riding high from partaking in something rarer than hen’s teeth in this day and age –a real-life face-to-face…

“V-Nova’s LCEVC forms foundations of 6DoF VR breakthrough” – Rethink Research Faultline

In the latest issue of Rethink Research's Faultline, Tommy Flanagan covers the launch of the PresenZ and V-Nova collaborative 6DoF film (press release here): V-Nova has returned to action with IBC just a fortnight away (albeit on knife’s edge). The UK video compression vendor is laying claim to a world-first – not one related to LCEVC licensing…
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LCEVC bitstream standard now published by ISO!

After having been approved by MPEG over a year ago, the LCEVC bitstream standard (ISO/IEC 23094-2) is now officially published by ISO. You can get a copy from the ISO website. A massive thank you to all the teams who contributed to the review between approval and publication!

“Why Low Complexity Video Coding is Answer to UHD TV Success” – Rick Clucas

V-Nova's own Rick Clucas recently wrote an article for EETimes about LCEVC as an enabler of UHD and how it can reduce bitrate enough for broadcasters to afford to send whole new UHD channels atop their legacy full HD ones. Ever since regular TV broadcasting began by the BBC from my home town London on 26th August 1936, the broadcast industry and…
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Il Giorno, Economia & Lavoro covers V-Nova Series C closure and Neva Sgr investment. Find the full news article here: V-NOVA, ROUND DA SCINTILLE E NEVA LA METTE IN PORTAFOGLIO - Economia - ilgiorno.it  

Guido Meardi speaks to IABM about the benefits of V-Nova LCEVC,

The latest issue of IABM's Journal features Guido Meardi talking about the benefits of V-Nova LCEVC, its unique licensing model and what's in store for the company's future. Find the full article here .

Faultline neatly captures the journey of LCEVC

In the latest issue of Rethink Research's Faultline, Tommy Flanagan gives a rundown on the V-Nova LCEVC journey so far and what the latest development - certifying SOUTHWORKS as Integration Services Partner - means for the future: Faultline has long known that LCEVC is positioned as a crossindustry weapon – something to be deployed in areas from…
Codec Breakeven Jan Ozer Edited

Jan Ozer believes in LCEVC helping with “Computing Break Even on Codec Deployments”

In a recent article for OTTVerse, video expert Jan Ozer talks about skyrocketing implementation costs and plummeting savings in computing and pegs LCEVC as an exception to those rules: Which leaves us with LCEVC, or Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding, a.k.a the V-NOVA codec. LCEVC flips the switch because it’s actually cheaper to encode than…

Faultline: V-Nova secures first integration partner for LCEVC video enhancement

Tommy Flannagan from Rethink Research's Faultline covers and analyses Southworks partnership with V-Nova as an Integration partner. Read full article here: V-Nova secures first integration partner for LCEVC video enhancement - Rethink (rethinkresearch.biz)