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Guido Meardi on Startup Economy, La 7 – 02/05/2021

Covering a variety of topics including innovation, startups, sustainability and video compression, V-Nova CEO Guido Meardi was interviewed by Carlo Massarini and Francesco Sacco on La7's inspirational program Startup Economy. Make sure to check out the video segment here!
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LCEVC Basics – Video Series – 03 How to deploy LCEVC In this video, Fabio Murra demonstrates how to deploy LCEVC existing systems. This is the last of a three-part video series covering the basics of LCEVC (MPEG-5 part 2; Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding).
How Lcevc Works

LCEVC Basics – Video Series – 01 Overview

Join Guendalina Cobianchi and be the first to learn all the secrets behind LCEVC. This is the first of a three-part video series covering the basics of LCEVC (MPEG-5 part 2; Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding). It covers why compression standards matter and why compression is critical for everyday activities all around us all the time. It…
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Mile High Video 2020 – What to use for encoding – LCEVC – Guido Meardi

Guido Meardi, takes you thorough LCEVC (MPEG-5 part 2): What makes LCEVC different? LCEVC performance test results. Ease of implementation. Use cases. The accompanying slides are available here
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Fabio Murra from V-Nova joins Sean Gardner of Xilinx to describe LCEVC’s advantage in delivering low latency and bitrates

As a result of the “remote everything” lifestyle we’re experiencing today, live video streaming has replaced how society interacts and socializes. Future interactive applications will require support for millions of broadcasters simultaneously, lower latencies, and bitrates that are 2x lower but don’t significantly increase the cost/area/power…
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Kitplus interviews Matt Hughes about VC-6

The VC-6 Codec has been fully ratified by SMPTE,  it is a high-level mezzanine codec, not DTC or Wavelet-based, where the hierarchical structure makes this codec highly appropriate for a massive array of applications that can benefit from an AI accelerator. Cloud, multisite, AI, live video, anything that needs speed. Matt Hughes gives us some background…
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Fabio Murra explains LCEVC and the compression industry landscape

If you haven't yet, do check this super clear and relevant explanation of LCEVC, plus an overview of the history and structure of the video compression industry: ind<video>tech 24th Sept 2020  (Youtube)
Vnova News Featured Simple
Vnova News Featured Simple

What Is LCEVC and Why Does it Matter?