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Obioma Okehie on Increasing the Video Compression Throughput on FPGAs with the Help of MPEG-5 Part 2 (LCEVC)

In a new Accelize blogpost, V-Nova's own Engineering Lead, Obioma Okehie talks about increasing the video compression throughput on FPGAs with the help of MPEG-5 Part 2, low-complexity enhancement video coding (LCEVC). "LCEVC is an enhancement aimed at improving the compression and computational performance of any given codec. For example, an LCEVC-enabled…
V-Nova - Screaming Media

Jan Ozer praises LCEVC for its innovativeness

In a recent Streaming Media article, expert Jan Ozer addresses the New Rules of Codec Development. When explaining the first rule, he says: "The only technology that's ahead of the curve is LCEVC, which announced the availability of licensing terms to implementers in December 2020. Interestingly, V-Nova, which claims to own virtually all of the IP…
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Xilinx App Store includes V-Nova

V-Nova is present in Xilinx's new App Store initiative. "V-Nova LCEVC XDE/XSA is the industry’s first highly optimized software library for encoding and decoding enhanced video streams with MPEG-5 Part 2, low-complexity enhancement video coding." Check it out now: https://www.xilinx.com/products/acceleration-solutions/v-nova-lcevc.html.
V Nova Watch List

CEO Guido Meardi in TVB Europe’s 2021 Watch List

We are proud to see our own CEO Guido Meardi being mentioned in TVB Europe's 2021 Watch List - one of the most relevant of the industry! Check the full issue out here.

With Millions working remotely, 2020 was the year of the codec

InBroadcast December issue offers a timely overview of the video compression landscape for the coming year. Check out Micheal Grotticelli's article on page 48:

ReThink Faultline Dec 3 2020: “A recent acquisition [by ELEVEN Sports] could be the first big test for LCEVC”

Multinational TV channel provider Eleven Sports is famous for traveling the world and collecting sports rights, particularly in small or developing countries but also competing with the big boys for top content. Serving a spread of live sports content to a diversity of markets has prompted Eleven Sports to adopt two entirely separate technology stacks…
LCEVC reaches International Standard completion

V-Nova announces the completion of MPEG-5 LCEVC

MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC (Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding) achieves ISO FDIS standard status (ISO 23094-2) Independently validated to deliver higher quality at up to 40% lower bitrates, LCEVC enhances the compression & computational efficiency of any codec on any device LCEVC is already being trialled by a number of companies spanning…

Jan Ozer of Streaming Media tested LCEVC and came out Impressed!

After testing 33 test clips from a  a range of sources and in multiple genres ,including animations, games, movies and sports, LCEVC  performed consistently better than x.264... roughly 40% bandwidth savings without noticeable quality loss. Read the online review here Read the full report here

V-Nova and NETINT Technologies collaborate to enhance transcoding quality and speed with MPEG-5 LCEVC

  V-Nova and NETINT enhance Codensity™ T408 Video Transcoders with MPEG-5 LCEVC V-Nova LCEVC enhancement provides significant quality and density uplift for NETINT modules Represents the first step in roadmap to integrate LCEVC onto NETINT’s next-gen chips due in 2021 London, UK / Vancouver, Canada – 4 August 2020 – V-Nova, a leading…

MEASAT collaborate with NovelSat and V-Nova to display Next Generation Compression for UHD channels distribution

Collaboration with NovelSat and V-Nova provides up to 3x bandwidth savings Kuala Lumpur, 25 June 2018 – MEASAT Global Berhad (“MEASAT”) announced today a showcase in collaboration with NovelSat and V-Nova to demonstrate cutting-edge compression for Ultra High Definition (UHD) primary distribution over satellite. The new technology provides…