Better get ready for 5G

By Fabio Murria, published on TVTechGlobal

5G is on the horizon and it will have a massive effect on video delivery. Fabio Murra, SVP of marketing at V-Nova, takes a look at the next five years in mobile video

In January this year, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the UK Government would be investing up to 4.7 billion pounds into its new ‘Modern Industrial Strategy’, pledging to develop new technologies across the country and make it easier for companies to do business in the UK. Central to the strategy will be spending and development of digital industries such as broadband and 5G.

The arrival of 5G has the potential to change the delivery of high-definition media as we know it. It will dramatically increase the capacity of current networks and improve response times to provide enough capacity for the billions of devices that will be connected via the Internet of Things (IoT), paving the way for a slew of innovative new technologies and services.

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