CSI Magazine reports on MPEG validating LCEVC performance

“At its 134th MPEG meeting, held online in late April, MPEG Video made a number of announcements, including its first official results into LCEVC verification tests.”


“By measuring the benefits of enhancing four generations of these MPEG codecs, they all showed that LCEVC contributes to significantly boosting average bit rate savings for both UHD and HD with each codec, thereby increasing compression efficiency and in turn opening new opportunities and business cases.

A first set of tests compared LCEVC-enhanced encoding with full-resolution single-layer anchors. According to MPEG, the average bit rate savings produced by LCEVC when enhancing AVC were determined to be approximately 46% for UHD and 28% for HD; and when enhancing HEVC approximately 31% for UHD and 24% for HD. Test results tend to indicate an overall benefit also when using LCEVC to enhance EVC and VVC.

A second set of tests confirmed that LCEVC provided a more efficient means of resolution enhancement of half-resolution anchors than unguided up-sampling.

It is a big month for LCEVC. In a separate announcement, V-Nova is holding a virtual press conference on May 19th revealing the licensing terms for the company’s LCEVC software. These are believed to be the fastest license terms to hit the market after standardisation.

While V-Nova is the main patent holder in the pool, LCEVC licensing terms have been designed together with customers and key industry players following extensive consultation efforts.”

Check out the full article from CSI Magazine here.