Faultline: Harmonic confirms LCEVC integration as licensing details loom

Harmonic has finally confirmed to Faultline what we unofficially knew about the ongoing work with V-Nova to integrate LCEVC (low complexity enhancement video codec) into a Harmonic encoder.

Slowly but surely, we are scratching below the surface of the first real-world test for LCEVC, following the revelation that Harmonic’s Thierry Fautier, VP of Business Development and Innovation, announced to around 300 people at an SMPTE event in Italy last week that the vendor is working on a European project with V-Nova.


His rationale is a reasonable one that we have echoed many times at Faultline. Existing codecs account for billions of devices, while devices supporting next-gen codecs are like gold dust. Harmonic’s own numbers show approximately 10 billion H.264 (AVC) devices in the field today, while 2 billion support HEVC, and 4 billion are currently streaming VP9. As for AV1, VVC, EVC, LCEVC, as well as China’s SARFT (the Chinese alternative to VVC), Fautier described the current presence as insignificant.


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