IABM Journal – V-Nova comments on Sustainable streaming: the state of play and what’s next

Sam-Orton Jay, VP Product, V-Nova

Sustainability is undeniably a pressing concern within the video streaming industry, and the latest data about emissions generated by the sector underscores the urgency of addressing its environmental impact. As has been widely quoted, with between 2% and 4% of global energy usage accounted for by ICT and with more than 70% of internet traffic associated with video, it is clear that improving our energy footprint can have a significant impact on the problem overall.

However, as we navigate the sustainability landscape, it is essential to avoid succumbing to overly simplistic explanations or superficial solutions that might inadvertently become greenwashing. The complexity of the issue demands nuanced, well-researched strategies that genuinely contribute to a greener future. Delving deeper into the sustainability of video streaming reveals the inherent challenge of quantifying and estimating the impact of its workflow components accurately. Remarkably, there remains a lack of consensus across the industry regarding what metrics to measure and how to measure them, let alone how to mitigate these impacts effectively.

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