Codec Breakeven Jan Ozer Edited

Jan Ozer believes in LCEVC helping with “Computing Break Even on Codec Deployments”

In a recent article for OTTVerse, video expert Jan Ozer talks about skyrocketing implementation costs and plummeting savings in computing and pegs LCEVC as an exception to those rules:

Which leaves us with LCEVC, or Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding, a.k.a the V-NOVA codec. LCEVC flips the switch because it’s actually cheaper to encode than H.264, and because the streams should be backwards compatible in most H.264 players. LCEVC also has a very publisher friendly royalty policy that encourages adoption, so the lack of direct browser support won’t be a significant deployment issue.

LCEVC is also very lightweight on the decode side, and should play on most computers and mobile devices, and some STBs, OTT devices, and smart TVs without the need for hardware acceleration. The only thing LCEVC lacks at this point is a technology confirming adoption from one of the behemoths.

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