Review: V-Nova Perseus: Does its Compression Live Up to the Hype?

By Jan Ozer – Streaming Media 

V-Nova launched its compression technology, Perseus, on April Fools’ Day 2015, claiming “2x–3x average compression gains, at all quality levels, under practical real-time operating scenarios versus H.264, HEVC and JPEG2000.” The timing and the claims certainly raised some eyebrows among the compression cognoscenti, placing a big fat target on V-Nova’s back.

Roughly 12 months later, V-Nova has delivered on some of these claims. But more importantly, it has staked out a unique value proposition (UVP) validated with trophy client Sky Italia. That UVP enables IPTV distributors to deliver Perseus-encoded video at significantly reduced bandwidths compared with H.264 without replacing their encoding facilities or set-top boxes.

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