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“Telcos vs Content Providers – Winning Together with Compression” – Digital Media World

Viewers are demanding more from content providers than they ever have. As competition grows more intense, audiences have come to expect the latest content on tap – anytime, anywhere and at the highest quality from HD to UHD, 4K and HDR. But while the streaming industry is booming, the telecommunications industry is going head-to-head with content providers as they struggle to keep pace with the increased volume of data that needs transporting.

Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder of V-Nova, describes how tensions have escalated over the last few months. “In the UK, broadband companies have requested to diverge from the EU’s net neutrality regime following Brexit to push back some of the data responsibility onto streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon and Disney, with a review currently underway by the country’s regulator, Ofcom,” he said. Net neutrality obliges an ISP to allow their users access to all sites, content and applications at the same speed, under the same conditions without blocking or favouring any content.

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