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“V-Nova and PresenZ Take Volumetric to the Metaverse” – Digital Media World

A new desire to use the metaverse to communicate with volumetric elements and holograms now more closely associates compression and graphics rendering. “So far, graphics rendering has been relevant for 3D environments like game worlds that people playing a multiplayer game would downloaded onto a device, once and for all, and very rarely update. From there, they would only need to exchange minimal gaming data,” Guido said.

“But the metaverse, which is largely about enhanced digital communication and real-time interactions, aims to become a new user interface to access distributed data – that is, data that resides outside your local system – in real time. It has the potential to be a new way to browse the internet and for people to interact with one another and/or with remote devices, not just for entertainment but also for work.

“As such, we will need to receive and exchange both video feeds – since video cameras will continue to be an important class of sensors for at least the next 20 years – and volumetric data. Both will be rendered in 3D space, either immersively via VR headsets or via AR glasses superimposing elements onto what we see.”

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