V-Nova mentioned on NVIDIA Partner success stories – “Calculating Video Quality Using NVIDIA GPUs and VMAF-CUDA”

Video quality metrics are used to evaluate the fidelity of video content. They provide a consistent quantitative measurement to assess the performance of the encoder.

  • Peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR): A long-established quality metric that compares the pixel values of the reference image to a degraded one.
  • Structural similarity index measure (SSIM): Compares luminance, contrast, and structure of the degraded image to the original one.
  • Video Multi-Method Assessment Fusion (VMAF): Introduced by Netflix, this metric attempts to accurately capture human visual perception.


V-Nova is exploring the benefits of CUDA-accelerated VMAF calculation for several use cases. These include its usefulness in both offline metric calculation and real-time decision-making within the LCEVC (MPEG-5 Part 2) encoding process. The integration of VMAF-CUDA can significantly accelerate offline metric calculations.

V-Nova’s video quality tools, including Video Quality Framework and Parallel Performance Runner (PAPER), processed approximately 20K encoding jobs weekly in 2023. VMAF-CUDA has demonstrated the ability to speed up metric calculation by at least 2x.

Looking ahead to the medium and long term, the real-time, in-loop VMAF calculation facilitated by VMAF-CUDA could offer additional benefits for algorithmic enhancements, such as optimizing LCEVC mode decisions and rate control for this metric.

Full text here:  Calculating Video Quality Using NVIDIA GPUs and VMAF-CUDA | NVIDIA Technical Blog