“We can finally see what all the fuss was about with V-Nova’s world-first in VR” – Tommy Flanagan

In the most recent edition of Rethink Research’s Faultline, Tommy Flanagan reports on assisting to a live demo by CEO Guido Meardi of the V-Nova and PresenZ collaborative 6 Degrees of Freedom film:

This is not a drill. Faultline is still riding high from partaking in something rarer than hen’s teeth in this day and age –a real-life face-to-face briefing topped off with an actual live demo.


The exact nature of this day trip over from London to the West of England, we couldn’t possibly tell, but the fact that academics are taking a keen interest in something we reported on recently with equal intrigue and incredulity –V-Nova’s volumetric video break-through in partnership with PresenZ –probably speaks for itself.

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