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Boston Limited launches Stream+, an optimised solution for large-scale ultra-high-density Live video encoding

The Hague, Netherlands – 09:00 CET November 12, 2019 – Boston Limited, today announced the launch of Stream+ during a keynote address from Manoj Nayee, managing director Boston Limited, during the Xilinx Developer Forum (XDF) Europe, 12 – 13 November, The Hague, Netherlands. Stream+ is an optimised solution enabling large scale ultra-high-density live video encoding. The new appliance is configured using Supermicro® building blocks and powered by Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards and V-Nova’s P+ software.

Hyperscale video services like social and e-sports networks need to encode and serve vast numbers of live streams to their users. The server infrastructure required to satisfy this demand is often the highest cost for network operators. The Boston Stream+ is an ultra-dense encoding solution offering significant quality and cost benefits to video delivery customers.

The Boston Stream+ utilises V-Nova’s P+ libraries, which include the new MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC standard that significantly enhances the quality and throughput of any codec such as AVC/H.264, HEVC, VP9, and – in the future – AV1, VVC, and others. The addition of LCEVC delivers better quality than the base codec natively at up to 50% lower bitrates. P+ is optimised for parallel processing to take advantage of the exceptional processing capabilities of the Xilinx Alveo accelerator platform.

Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of Boston Limited, comments: “It is my great pleasure to attend the Xilinx XDF event this week in partnership with Supermicro to demonstrate the Boston Stream+. Boston has been working alongside Xilinx and V-Nova to develop this highly dense encoding solution, enabling use cases such as live 4Kp60 encoding.”

John Lonergan, vice president, Global Data Center Channels at Xilinx, adds, “The ever-growing demand for video is pushing existing infrastructure to its limit, driving the requirement for adaptable solutions engineered to optimise efficiency and performance. The new Boston Stream+ Appliance uses Xilinx Alveo Accelerators to provide unprecedented performance and scaling for video workloads. Together with Boston and V-Nova, we can deliver previously unthinkable video encoding throughput to a range of broadcast, streaming, and content management industries.”

Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder V-Nova, concludes, “I am delighted to see increased industry adoption of our P+ implementation. Its availability on Xilinx accelerated Boston appliances means that large-scale services everywhere can deliver better quality streams at substantially lower costs making a significant difference to both their top and bottom lines.”

Attendees at the XDF Europe event can see the Boston Stream+ in the Supermicro booth #56. For more information on the solution, please visit:



For further information, including product details and specifications, please contact:

Maz Lopez


Head of Marketing, Boston Limited

Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM GMT


About Boston
Boston Limited has been providing cutting-edge technology since 1992 using Supermicro® building blocks. Our high performance, mission-critical server and storage solutions can be tailored for each specific client, helping you to create your ideal solution. From the initial specification, solution design and even full custom branding – we can help you solve your toughest business challenges simply and effectively.

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About V-Nova

V-Nova, a London based IP and software company, is dedicated to improving data compression by building a vast portfolio of innovative technologies based on the game-changing use of AI and parallel processing for data, video, imaging, point cloud compression, with applications across several verticals.

This is achieved through deep-science R&D (300+ international patents) and the development of products that test, prove and continuously enhance the technology portfolio.

V-Nova have released two innovative compression solutions: P+ is the industry’s first highly optimized software library for encoding and decoding enhanced video streams with MPEG-5 Part 2, low-complexity enhancement video coding (LCEVC). PPro is a high-performance AI-powered software library for SMPTE VC-6 (ST-2117) which is used primarily for professional production workflows and imaging applications.

V-Nova has developed multiple award-winning software products to kickstart the ecosystems for its technologies and allow their immediate deployment, addressing use cases in TV, media, entertainment, social networks, eCommerce, ad-tech, security, aerospace, defence, automotive and gaming.

V-Nova’s business model is to monetize its technologies through software licensing, IP royalties and product sales.



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