Eutelsat Deploys V-Nova PERSEUS™ to power 4K Contribution of Live UEFA Euro Championship Matches for RAI UHD channel

Eutelsat Deploys V-Nova PERSEUS™ to power 4K Contribution of Live UEFA Euro Championship Matches for RAI UHD channel

V-Nova Ltd., a leading provider of video compression solutions, today announced that Eutelsat has chosen V-Nova PERSEUS™ video compression for the contribution of visually lossless 4K international feeds of the UEFA Euro Championship 2016. The deployed system will be used from the quarter final onwards to enable RAI to offer live coverage of the final stages of the football tournament in Ultra HD/4K to all Italian homes that can receive RAI’s Ultra HD (UHD) channel on the Tivùsat platform.

  • V-Nova PERSEUS™ to support Eutelsat delivery of 4K visually lossless international feeds to RAI
  • Combined solution to be deployed for seven games of Europe’s most awaited sports tournament
  • Deployment confirms readiness and robustness of V-Nova PERSEUS™ powered P.Link 4K products for UHD high quality live contribution

To achieve its goals, the Italian broadcaster has partnered with Eutelsat, who will assist in the personalisation of the RAI UHD Channel with operations fully managed from its teleport in Rambouillet, near Paris. Eutelsat shall provide the contribution link from the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) to its teleport in the most pristine 4K/UHD quality using V-Nova’s PERSEUS-powered P.Link 4K products that will enable the UHD contribution feed at practical bitrates, alongside multiple HD feeds, while maintaining the lowest possible latency to ensure those very important goals are delivered as they happen.

“We’re excited to be part of RAI’s exceptional mobilisation on Ultra HD for the tournament. Live 4K broadcast requires a high-quality communication infrastructure, which plays to Eutelsat’s core strengths,” said Cristiano Benzi, Director Special Projects Italy, Eutelsat. “By working with V-Nova, we will be able to add pristine 4K/UHD feeds alongside the all-important HD feeds.”

The complete solution combines V-Nova P.Link 4K encoders and decoders, powered by V-Nova PERSEUS™, to contribute a high quality full-frame 3840×2160 50fps signal. The single unit compact solution avoids the need for multi-quadrant synchronisation and greatly simplifies operations.

Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO and Co-Founder, explained: “It is an honour to have Eutelsat choose V-Nova PERSEUS to power contribution for this important initiative. It demonstrates the hard work gone into making P.Link 4K a product ready for deployment in the most important situations and demonstrates that 4K/UHD contribution is commercially viable today alongside existing services.”

V-Nova PERSEUS™ is a video processing technology that addresses today’s video delivery challenges. PERSEUS software closes the capacity gap for quality delivery to connected devices over existing networks. It redraws the traditional quality-bitrate curve, enabling operators and service providers to provide high quality video within their bandwidth constraints.