IBC 2017: MainStreaming integrates V-Nova PERSEUS compression to provide streaming solution to customers across multiple industries

  • Offering combines V-Nova PERSEUS™ 2 with MainStreaming’s next generation HYPERNODE delivery network for highest quality and performance video streaming
  • Ensures geographical business continuity for services, including high-quality live streaming in prime time over congested networks
  • The solution allows video streaming customers across many segments, including TV & Media, Corporate Video and eLearning, to leverage PERSEUS 2 for increasingly business critical video services

London, 15 September 2017V-Nova Ltd. & MainStreaming today announced the integration of V-Nova PERSEUS™ 2 with MainStreaming’s next generation HYPERNODE delivery network.

Video streaming is exploding, in TV & Media service delivery and beyond, with many more enterprise and corporate customers relying on video in business critical applications. This results in higher demand for reliable, high-quality, HD content delivered across increasingly congested and often unreliable networks. On these best-effort networks, service providers are struggling to deliver their video services at the speed and in the quality consumers expect.

The integration of PERSEUS 2 within MainStreaming’s HYPERNODE delivery network responds to the growing consumer demand for high-quality, reliable, IP-delivered services that are HD quality and reliable. MainStreaming is a Global Video Delivery Network designed to deliver the highest performance and quality for broadcasting real-time video LIVE and ON DEMAND globally. MainStreaming integrates all operative phases for management and distribution of video content that is always available on any device connected to the internet. With HYPERNODE, a system of integrated hardware, software, and networking, strategically distributed around the world and directly linked to thousands of telecommunication carriers, MainStreaming ensures a stable connection and delivery of content in real time to users connected to the Internet with any device.

“For operators and service providers to prosper, they must meet the consumer demand for services that instantly deliver high quality video in real-time on any device while connecting to every network,” said Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder of V-Nova. “MainStreaming’s innovative approach to streaming delivery aims at offering the quality of service, universal seamless delivery and cost savings that are the defining features of PERSEUS 2, regardless of the content format, the end user’s last mile network or the end device. It is about business criticality, where live processing requirements and challenging network conditions are the norm. This is now critical to many businesses, in TV & Media, but also across other markets that are served by MainStreaming, such as Corporate Video and eLearning. We are glad that PERSEUS 2 will upgrade video service quality, addressable market and reliability across applications.”

V-Nova’s award-winning PERSEUS 2 is the only cross-media codec format that delivers on the promises of next-generation image and video compression, today. PERSEUS 2 has proven that it addresses the real bottlenecks of IP video delivery, allowing for better viewing experiences across all data networks. Designed to provide enhanced platform support, it has been deployed to enable operators to quickly benefit from the core efficiencies of high quality encoding. PERSEUS 2 maintains full compatibility with the rest of the delivery workflows, such as DRMs, streaming protocols like HLS and DASH, ad-insertion and other processes. Coupled with the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) savings associated with bandwidth and profile reduction, PERSEUS 2 is the most cost effective solution for next-generation service deployment today.

“We are excited to take streaming to the next level with V-Nova, allowing our clients to access markets and deliver quality that were thought to be untenable due to limitations in bandwidth and network unreliability,” said Antonio Corrado, CEO of MainStreaming. “V-Nova’s industry leading technology has demonstrated the ability to enable video streaming where it previously wasn’t possible and in HD quality to all viewers on any network, regardless of the consumption device. With the integration of PERSEUS 2, we have access to a faster and more effective solution to ensure that we can offer geographical business continuity regardless of our clients’ location.”



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MainStreaming is a Milan-headquartered technology company providing a global video delivery platform and network that allows users to distribute the highest quality video in

By designing a network infrastructure specifically for the distribution of video, MainStreaming has created the cutting edge solution for today’s video delivery needs. Their dynamic HYPERNODE network and unique distribution algorithm provides clients the ability to deliver video in a single hop to any end user, regardless of device type or location. With optimal startup times, high quality bit rates, and no re-buffering, MainStreaming’s network is proud to be earning the reputation as “The next generation for streaming video.”

MainStreaming’s patent pending Video Delivery Network service targets large global broadcasters, OTT TV (Over-the-top TV), digital media organizations and emerging media companies, publishers and local broadcasters, supporting them with encoding, management and video content distribution on a global scale.

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