NVIDIA GPUs optimized by MPEG-5 LCEVC.

Marquise Technologies add support for SMPTE VC-6 to their ICE Prime player

  • Marquise’s post-production customers can now access the latest mezzanine encoding technology
  • VC-6 makes all resolutions proxies easily accessible from within a single MXF file
  • The VC-6 integration supports Marquise’s customers moving to 4K, 8K and beyond, in a virtualised all-IP cloud-based workflow


Gland, Switzerland and London, UK – 18 October 2022 – Marquise Technologies, a provider of state-of-the-art solutions for digital cinema post-production, the broadcast industry and OTT content providers, and V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression technology, announced today that SMPTE VC-6 support has been added to Marquise ICE Prime player.

SMPTE’s recent standardisation of the mapping of VC-6 encoded video in MXF has now led Marquise to add support for VC-6 on its ICE Prime player, Marquise’s reference player for QC and real-time playback of broadcast, digital cinema, and OTT industry standards on regular desktop systems.

VC-6 is the ideal next-generation mezzanine codec for de-centralised, cloud-based production, post-production, and mastering workflows. VC-6 not only provides high-performance, computational efficiency, lossless or lossy encoding and decoding but also allows lower resolution proxies to be easily extracted from VC-6 encoded assets for simple extraction of regions of interest.

V-Nova VC-6 is a high-performance AI-powered software library for SMPTE VC-6 (ST-2117), which is used primarily for professional production workflows and imaging applications. Multiple companies have partnered with V-Nova incorporating VC-6 in solutions for TV, media, entertainment, security, aerospace, defence, and automotive.

“ICE Prime is the perfect Reference Desktop Player for any facility working with media, so the addition of support for the latest codecs such as SMPTE VC-6 is important,” says Laurence Stoll, CEO at Marquise Technologies. “The standardisation of VC-6 carriage in MXF containers is an important step in the adoption of VC-6 in post-production workflows. The ability to easily extract high quality, lower resolution proxies from a VC-6 encoded file offers significant advantages when providing cloud-based workflow solutions, and we are working with V-Nova to further exploit the potential of VC-6 in our solutions.”

“Marquise is renowned for the high quality of their product in the post-production world. The availability of VC-6 in ICE Prime, following SMPTE’s MXF encapsulation standardization, is a great example of how market and technology leaders keep pushing the boundaries of video technology to offer the best to their customers. We look forward to continue working with Marquise and help their customers truly realise the benefits VC-6 offers in post-production workflows,” said Guido Meardi, CEO at V-Nova.

To learn more about VC-6 please visit VC-6 higher quality at lower bitrates- V-Nova.


About Marquise Technologies
Marquise Technologies designs state-of-the-art solutions for the digital cinema post-production, the broadcast industry, and the OTT content providers. The company addresses post-production facilities and digital film labs and provides them with high-end solutions for mastering, QC and transcoding for Digital Cinema, broadcast and online. For more information, please visit the website www.marquise-tech.com.


About V-Nova

V-Nova is committed to unlocking higher picture quality at scale.  Its technologies, based on the innovative use of AI and parallel processing improve data, video, imaging, point-cloud compression and have been granted international standard status by MPEG, ISO and SMPTE. Our relentless investment in R&D has built a portfolio of over 600 international patents which we monetize through software licensing, IP royalties and product sales.  More about V-Nova: www.v-nova.com.