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V-Nova and PresenZ launch a world-first in VR movies

  • World’s-first Six Degrees of  Freedom (6DoF) photorealistic movie in PresenZ format powered by V-Nova’s point-cloud compression 
  • 6DoF volumetric movie with superior quality and a file size many times smaller than any existing alternative, enabling whole new levels of quality and immersion to anyone with a VR gaming set up  
  • The solution delivers smooth and photorealistic image quality with the possibility to explore all angles, including looking around and behind scene elements, creating an unrivalled sense of scale and immersion 

London, UK– 15th November 2021 –V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression solutions, announces the release of a movie in the Steam Store showcasing the future of immersive media and metaverse applications. The movie uses V-Nova’s ultra-efficient point-cloud compression technology combined with game-changing 6DoF volumetric movie format from PresenZ, leader in VR technology. 

PresenZ is a volumetric video format that achieves the same visual fidelity audiences are used to in photorealistic CGI Visual Effects, animated feature films or high-end industrial previsualisation, by integrating itself in the same creation pipelines. In the new and unique rendering process, PresenZ  used existing CGI animated movie Construct to create an immersive 6DoF adaptation. PresenZ allows users to rapidly transform existing 3D assets into a fully immersive volumetric experience for the end user, as it renders the images from a cube of points of views rather than a single camera point.   

V-Nova’s point-cloud compression technology compressed hundreds of gigabytes of data to transform the movie into a manageable asset, ready for distribution, real-time decoding and consumption on all major VR gaming setups. Thus, enabling millions of users to access immersive experiences at unprecedented quality. V-Nova’s point cloud compression achieves performances so far unattained with other technologies and is built upon V-Nova’s previous innovative standards LCEVC MPEG-5 and SMPTE VC-6. 

The biggest benefit of 6DoF technology is that, unlike standard 360° VR movies, it realistically responds to the position and orientation of the VR headset, so you can get closer to objects and characters. Users can explore all angles and look around and behind objects with a more natural feeling, eliminating the motion sickness commonly associated with 360° movies. The availability of this technology pushes the boundaries of digital media and metaverse applications, immediately enabling next-generation immersive experiences from 3D/CGI assets. 

“We’re excited to launch Construct VR and demonstrate the possibilities that can be experienced through VR. V-Nova’s compression technology has allowed us to make photorealistic 6DoF accessible and distributable to existing devices, so that we are now able to share this world-first volumetric film with more audiences than ever before,” said Tristan Salomé, CEO and Founder, PresenZ. “The combination of these technologies marks an incredibly exciting opportunity for the future of the entertainment industry. Studios can give their existing CGI movies a new lease of life”. 

“The project undertaken with PresenZ reflects V-Nova’s position at the cutting edge of data compression, capitalising on our pioneering technology, experience and industry knowledge. Construct VR demonstrates the possibilities that volumetric 6DoF PresenZ offers to the future of digital and metaverse experiences, made possible by V-Nova’s efficient compression. We’re looking forward to the ongoing development of our relationship with PresenZ, supporting content creators and film producers to utilise these technologies” said Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder, V-Nova. 


About V-Nova 

V-Nova, a London based IP and software company, is dedicated to improving data compression by building a vast portfolio of innovative technologies based on the game-changing use of AI and parallel processing for data, video, imaging, point cloud compression, with applications across several verticals. 

This is achieved through deep-science R&D (300+ international patents) and the development of products that test, prove, and continuously enhance the technology portfolio. 

V-Nova LCEVC is the industry’s first highly optimized library for encoding and decoding enhanced video streams with MPEG-5 Part 2, Low-Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC). V-Nova VC-6 is a high-performance AI-powered software library for SMPTE VC-6 (ST-2117) which is used primarily for professional production workflows and imaging applications. 

V-Nova has developed multiple award-winning software products to kickstart the ecosystems for its technologies and allow their immediate deployment, addressing use cases in TV, media, entertainment, social networks, eCommerce, ad-tech, security, aerospace, defense, automotive and gaming. 

V-Nova’s business model is to monetize its technologies through software licensing, IP royalties and product sales. 


About PresenZ  

PresenZ is a Brussels based software company dedicated to bringing immersive media to the quality and adoption levels of mainstream media. 

The PresenZ volumetric movie format is the first accessible technology allowing to prerender 6 degrees of freedom images from a standard 3D animation pipeline. PresenZ can achieve the same visual fidelity audiences are used to from motion pictures. With PresenZ, it is possible to render the most complex scenes and highest quality assets in Virtual Reality. 

PresenZ’s business model is to monetize its technologies through software licensing and IP royalties. 


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