V-Nova PERSEUS™ SDK accelerates global IP video streaming over bandwidth constrained networks

V-Nova PERSEUS™ SDK accelerates global IP video streaming over bandwidth constrained networks

  • Newly released PERSEUS™ SDK powers Full HD video streaming over bandwidth constrained mobile networks
  • Enables the best possible video across all networks to extend customer reach, reduce churn and lower operating costs
  • Available for integration and as pre-integrated combinations through Tier-1 industry partners

V-Nova Ltd., a leading provider of video compression solutions, announced today that it has released its innovative PERSEUS technology as a software development kit (SDK) for integration into 3rd party encoders and video players. The release allows operators, service providers, system integrators and online video platform providers to easily integrate and deploy PERSEUS™ technology on existing ecosystems for the delivery of full HD video over bandwidth constrained networks.

PERSEUS™ software is available in the form of an encoder plug-in (EPI) and a decoder plug-in (DPI) for integration and deployment within an operator’s existing ecosystem. PERSEUS plug-ins are supported on a number of different platforms including Intel x86-based encoders and iOS and Android consumer devices. They are also available in pre-integrated encoding/decoding combinations through industry partners to improve cost-effectiveness and drive rapid time-to-market for the deployment of PERSEUS™ OTT services.

“This product release is the result of the work we have done in the past year with customers and industry partners to address real-life customer projects. We have now packaged the software to make it more readily scalable and available for TV service providers and platform operators to deploy on any equipment or media player in their ecosystem,” said Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO & Co-Founder.

PERSEUS™ plug-ins provides a number of key customer benefits, including:

  • Extending customer reach: PERSEUS enables video for all. It dramatically expands the base of customers that can be reached with reliable OTT services and, in new markets, makes OTT video delivery viable at scale for the first time.
  • Reducing customer churn: Services that have been constrained to SD can finally be switched to HD, while at the same time improving their resiliency in challenging conditions, including dense urban environments, rural areas and high-speed transport. PERSEUS reduces service buffering and enables product differentiation yielding increased overall customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing operating costs: PERSEUS™ can deliver HD OTT video services with fewer profiles and at lower bitrates, enabling cost savings throughout the delivery chain: encoding density, storage and transmission (CDN).

PERSEUS™ is a video processing technology that addresses today’s video delivery challenges, closing the capacity gap for quality delivery to connected devices over existing networks. PERSEUS™ redraws the traditional quality-bitrate curve, enabling operators and service providers to provide high quality video (both linear and non-linear) within their bandwidth constraints: e.g. UHD at HD bitrates on large screen TVs, HD at SD bitrates on legacy STBs and mobile devices and even SD at audio rates on large untapped markets of deployed mobile devices.

“The time has come where consumers desire all pervasive mobile video. In mature markets, they want to see their movies and sports in HD and the latest connected devices indicate a further trend to 4K content. In emerging markets and rural areas, consumers want, finally, to receive video at stable SD-quality levels and above. PERSEUS™ makes all of this possible today over the existing infrastructure and ecosystem,” concluded Achtmann, V-Nova Executive Chairman & Co-Founder.

V-Nova PERSEUS has been shortlisted for a Videonet Connected TV Awards for the “Video Technology Hero” category. The awards recognize outstanding achievement in television services, technology and advertising. The “Video technology hero” category rewards solutions that are solving big problems or opening the door to the major opportunities in the television and video markets. The winners of the Videonet Connected TV Awards will be announced on March 16th.