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V-Nova receives Lumiere Award from The Advanced Imaging Society 

  • V-Nova is recognised by The Advanced Imaging Society (AIS) for its successful application of Point Cloud Compression technology 
  • The organisation implemented its technology in collaboration with PresenZ VR to create a game-changing Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) volumetric movie 
  • The Lumiere awards recognise outstanding achievement in the creation of immersive storytelling via advanced visual technologies 


London, UK – 25 April 2022V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression solutions, today announces that it has been recognised by The Advanced Imaging Society (AIS) Awards Committee for its successful application of its Point Cloud Compression technology, winning a Lumiere Award. 

Already an established member of the society, this achievement highlights V-Nova’s successful collaboration with PresenZ VR, where the V-Nova Point Cloud Compression technology was combined with the VR technology firm’s game-changing 6DoF volumetric movie format to release a movie showcasing the future of immersive metaverse and media applications. 

As part of the project, V-Nova Point Cloud Compression technology was able to compress hundreds of gigabytes of data to enable the movie to become a manageable asset. This could then be used in distribution, real-time decoding and consumption on all major VR gaming setups and enable users to successfully access high-quality immersive experiences.  

Built upon previous industry standards, MPEG-5 LCEVC and SMPTE VC-6, V-Nova Point Cloud Compression achieves performances that other technologies cannot attain. The resulting 6DoF technology responds accurately to the orientation and position of a VR headset. This allows the viewer to move around freely within the image with 6 degrees of freedom.    

“We’re immensely proud that the cutting-edge project we undertook with PresenZ VR to showcase 6DoF technology has been recognised by AIS for its Lumiere awards. This achievement is a testament to the capabilities of the ground-breaking Presenz VR technology, which has been fundamental to the success of this initiative,” said Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder, V-Nova. 

The awards ceremony took place in Las Vegas on Saturday 23rd April during the NAB Show 2022. With its Lumiere awards, AIS recognises outstanding achievement in the creation of immersive storytelling via advanced visual technologies, including virtual and augmented reality. Previous individual winners have included Jon Favreau, Victoria Alonso and Martin Scorsese. 



About V-Nova  

V-Nova, a London based IP and software company, is dedicated to improving data compression by building a vast portfolio of innovative technologies based on the game-changing use of AI and parallel processing for data, video, imaging, point cloud compression, with applications across several verticals. This is achieved through deep-science R&D (300+ international patents) and the development of products that test, prove, and continuously enhance the technology portfolio. V-Nova’s business model is to monetize its technologies through software licensing, IP royalties and product sales. More about V-Nova:   

V-Nova LCEVC is the industry’s first highly optimized library for encoding and decoding enhanced video streams with MPEG-5 Part 2, Low-Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC). V-Nova VC-6 is a high-performance AI-powered software library for SMPTE VC-6 (ST-2117) which is used primarily for professional production workflows and imaging applications. V-Nova has developed multiple award-winning software products to kickstart the ecosystems for its technologies and allow their immediate deployment, addressing use cases in TV, media, entertainment, social networks, eCommerce, ad-tech, security, aerospace, defence, automotive and gaming.   

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