V-Nova Showcases Growing PERSEUS Applications and Deployment Options at IBC2018

• V-Nova deploys PERSEUS™ in the cloud and makes it readily available on open source software stacks

• P-Link leverages AI to reduce UHD contribution bitrates by 3x at the industry’s lowest cost per channel

• Company’s solutions widen to include UX image optimization, primary distribution and PERSEUS Plus to enhance HEVC, VP9 and in the future AV1

London, UK 21 August 2018 – V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression solutions, today announced that it will demonstrate at IBC2018 in Amsterdam (September 13-18) the increased ease of access, performance and wider applicability of its PERSEUS™ codecs. V-Nova’s solutions will be shown on booth 14.C36.

Highlights at the show will include:

PERSEUS Plus on Multiple Screens: deployed on premise or in the cloud, PERSEUS is now available on a wide range of open source solutions, readily deployable for streaming to all devices and browsers with a single ABR ladder at bitrates as low as 1 Mbps for full HD and 300 kbps for 720p.

P.Link: Redefines intra-only contribution encoding with significant efficiency gains over JPEG 2000, MPEG-4 and HEVC-I solutions.

Live 4K Primary Distribution: An end-to-end demonstration of live encoding and distribution of 50fps 4K/UHD at as little as 8 Mbps (up to 70% lower bandwidth than other solutions in use today).

PERSEUS UX Optimisation: PERSEUS Pro for imaging triples rendering speeds across connected devices enabling substantial improvements in UX responsiveness and image quality.

Working with industry-standard formats like MPEG-TS, HLS and MPEG-DASH, PERSEUS Plus delivers the best picture quality across any platform, even at low bandwidths. PERSEUS Plus also leverages existing dedicated hardware acceleration and works in tandem with existing codecs like AVC/H.264, HEVC, VP9 or in the future AV1. This approach enables all devices with hardware decoding for the underlying codec to be software updated to receive substantially more efficient video compression without impacting power consumption or decoding reliability. At IBC2018, V-Nova will demonstrate support for all devices using native hardware, making PERSEUS Plus H.264 the only next-generation codec ready for large-scale deployment today.

Also, at IBC, V-Nova will showcase its cloud-based encoding deployments and ever-expanding open-source component support that ensures PERSEUS Plus can be easily deployed in any existing workflow.

At the same time, PERSEUS Plus HEVC, PERSEUS Plus VP9 and PERSEUS Plus AV1 improve both the encoding density and the efficiency of HEVC, VP9 and AV1, enabling faster and broader adoption of those codecs.

This combination of broad device support and an industry-leading level of compression efficiency, makes 4K and 1080p60 distribution economically viable for broadcasters, operators and streaming service providers. Throughout IBC 2018, the company will demonstrate high quality live 4K delivery with PERSEUS Plus at bitrates as low as 6 Mbps, as well as live 1080p60 below 3 Mbps.

P.Link is redefining professional video contribution and production encoding workflows by enabling up to 70 percent cost savings per channel and reducing bandwidth requirements by up to 80% for visually lossless UHD, while also unlocking the promises of low-latency UHD sports contribution, HDR, remote production and IP production. Powered by PERSEUS Pro, P.Link can be deployed into any contribution or production workflow. PERSEUS Pro is an intra-only codec for lossless or visually lossless performance, and is built on hierarchy, massive parallelism and machine learning. The codec is also being made available as a plug-in for popular non-linear editing tools.

“Our PERSEUS Pro and Plus compression technologies have transformed the viability of launching services today for both professional video and distribution to all devices – and all by efficiently leveraging existing hardware. At IBC, we will demonstrate the quality of service and cost efficiencies achievable with V-Nova and the accessibility of our products. I warmly invite all visitors to come and see how their workflows can be rapidly enhanced with PERSEUS.” said Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder at V-Nova.


About V-Nova

V-Nova Ltd. is a London-headquartered technology company providing next-generation compression solutions that address the ever-growing media processing and delivery challenges. V-Nova provides solutions spanning the entire media delivery chain, including content production, contribution, storage and distribution to end users. V-Nova’s award-winning PERSEUS™ is the only cross-media codec format and delivers on the promises of next-generation image and video compression, today. Using PERSEUS technology, media and entertainment companies can now monetise unmet consumer demand for higher definition video everywhere, on existing devices and infrastructure, by a simple software upgrade.

The PERSEUS technology works in 2 ways: PERSEUS Pro is an Intra codec for mathematically lossless and visually lossless professional production, contribution and imaging workflows. PERSEUS Plus is a temporal codec designed to enhance a base codec such as H.264, HEVC or AV1, adding additional layers of detail for unbeatable distribution efficiency to consumers.

For more information please visit www.v-nova.com

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