VideoFlow and V-Nova Collaborate To Extend Reliable Broadcast Quality Video Delivery Over Impossible IP Connections

VideoFlow and V-Nova Collaborate To Extend Reliable Broadcast Quality Video Delivery Over Impossible IP Connections

VideoFlow has announced that it is collaborating with V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression solutions, to deliver high quality video over any IP network using VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection virtual machine (DVPV) and V-Nova’s PERSEUS® technology. The combined solution brings previously unattainable performance to broadcasters and operators, enabling new market opportunities and extending service reach.

VideoFlow’s leading DVP continuity of service and PERSEUS’ ground-breaking performance combine to enable the continuity of a reliable high quality video over otherwise impossible connections. Applications include extremely high quality outside broadcast (OB) contribution links for live sports and other premium events, and the expansion of service delivery to new regional markets.

“PERSEUS’ business benefits go far beyond bitrate reduction, including significantly increased processing speed, lower power consumption, increased robustness, and graceful, block-free degradation at ultra low bitrates. Combined with VideoFlow’s DVP, PERSEUS provides operators and service providers with an ideal solution for delivering premium content over any network, massively reducing costs while simultaneously increasing coverage”, commented Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO & Co-Founder. “This is another demonstration of how, since its award-winning NAB 2015 debut, PERSEUS has transitioned from being an industry “novelty” to a commercial “reality” at IBC.”

“We are happy to successfully complete the interoperability tests with V-Nova’s PERSEUS. VideoFlow’s DVP have an excellent track record of enabling the continuity of a live broadcast over any IP network including the public Internet. Now with V-Nova’s PERSEUS both companies can provide an unparalleled solution that enhances the reliability of live broadcast over IP networks, decreases operational cost by broadcasting HD quality and above over a single low bit rate IP connection, and can open new markets currently considered out of reach due to poor connectivity” said Adi Rozenberg, VideoFlow’s CTO & Co-Founder. “We called the demo we have with V-Nova the ‘Seeing is Believing’ challenge as it is hard to believe that HD quality video can be delivered over unmanaged IP network at only 1.5Mbps” added Adi. “I believe that the DVP/PERSEUS solution will be a game changer for professionals delivering live content everywhere” concluded Mr. Rozenberg.

V-Nova’s PERSEUS is an advanced video compression technology that enables operators to differentiate their products, increase market penetration, and provide otherwise undeliverable services using existing infrastructure, hardware and workflows. PERSEUS is based on principles underlying human vision to deliver significant and simultaneous improvements in compression, picture quality, processing speed, latency and power consumption. PERSEUS shifts the entire video bitrate-quality curve to enable UHD quality video at HD bitrates, HD at SD bitrates, and SD video at sub- audio bitrates.

For production of live sports and other premium events, together V-Nova and VideoFlow enable enhanced content in UHD or with additional camera views to be carried over low-cost IP links efficiently and reliably. The solution increases flexibility and decreases costs by the use of lower cost connections for primary or backup circuits. For delivery of services, the combination of V-Nova’s PERSEUS and VideoFlow’s DVP enables broadcast-quality content to be carried reliably over unmanaged networks. The solution increases the flexibility of accessing CDN distribution and cloud workflows, easing the launch of services in new markets.