Wyplay integrates V-Nova PERSEUS® video compression technology into set-top-box platform of major pay-TV operator

Wyplay integrates V-Nova PERSEUS® video compression technology into set-top-box platform of major pay-TV operator

V-Nova Ltd., the leading provider of video compression solutions, and Wyplay, a creator of software solutions for leading pay-TV operators, today announced that they have achieved the integration of V-Nova’s PERSEUS® video compression technology into the existing set-top-box platform of a Tier 1, European TV operator, which had been upgraded to run Frog Client middleware by Wyplay.

  • Advanced video compression technology, PERSEUS®, by V-Nova has been integrated with Wyplay pay-TV middleware, Frog Client, on a set-top-box platform already deployed in the field by a Tier-1, European TV operator
  • PERSEUS® by V-Nova shifts the entire video bitrate-quality curve, enabling UHD quality at HD bitrates, HD at SD bitrates, and SD video at audio bitrates
  • Integration was achieved in record time thanks to the open source approach of Wyplay’s Frog Client
  • The Joint V-NOVA / Wyplay solution will be showcased at TV Connect 2015, ExCel London, April 28 – 30

This achievement demonstrates the time-to-market advantage for the introduction of new technologies afforded by the open innovation approach advocated by both companies. Indeed, V-Nova’s partner consortium, unveiled just three weeks ago, comprises of more than 20 companies who have contributed to the development and adoption of this novel approach to video encoding and decoding.

PERSEUS® was designed using innovative scientific principles and amounts to a radical departure from existing compression technologies – yet, it is compatible with them in the field. As a result, it has been demonstrated in testing and live operations that PERSEUS® brings 2x – 3x average compression gains, at all video quality levels, under practical real-time operating scenarios versus H.264, HEVC and JPEG2000.

The integration of PERSEUS® was facilitated by the open source nature of Wyplay’s Frog Client (Its digital TV middleware for set-top-boxes.). Leveraging the full source code and documentation available to all Frog Licensees https://portal.frogbywyplay.com, the two teams were able to integrate PERSEUS® video playback support into an existing Frog-powered set-top-box without the involvement of the chipset vendor or the hardware manufacturer.

Frog Client by Wyplay is the first independent open source software solution for pay-TV operators. The initiative brings together a growing ecosystem of more than 80 companies across the entire digital TV technology value chain including chipset vendors, device manufacturers, independent software vendors, software development and integration services providers and operators. This comprehensive solution includes access to all the components needed to build a TV operator’s products.

“We are very pleased with the seamless level of integration that was achieved for our PERSEUS® compression technology into the STB ecosystem of this major European TV operator,” said Guido Meardi, CEO & Co-Founder, V-Nova. “It’s gratifying to anticipate the improvement to the end-user experience made possible by the fast deployment of our technology with Wplay’s Frog Client

middleware. The adaptable nature of PERSEUS® with exiting infrastructures is proven by the full integration into the operator’s STB stack that was achieved in a matter of weeks.”

”V-Nova’s PERSEUS® technology has the potential to revolutionize TV service delivery on all devices,” said Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO, Wyplay. “We are delighted to have this ground-breaking technology intrinsically integrated with our open source Frog Client Middleware. The seamless way in which V-Nova was able to integrate PERSEUS® proves its compatibility with the wider TV ecosystem, and will enable faster time-to-market deployments for operators and system integrators.”