V-Nova Media Hub

On this page, you will find a variety of downloadable assets such as V-Nova branding elements, the Directors’ headshots and their biographies.

V-Nova Branding

The V-Nova logo is provided in a variety of styles and formats to suit different purposes.  As a condition of using the logo, the following brand requirements must be adhered to:

Removal or alteration of any element of the V-Nova logo from the styles provided is prohibited.

The V-Nova logo must not be combined with other words, images, or phrases to create a ‘lock-up’.

Colours in the V-Nova logo must not be altered. Colour and black versions should be used on white backgrounds only. White version on coloured backgrounds.

Scaling of the V-Nova logo shall be done uniformly so that both the aspect ratio and relative dimensions and placement of elements within the logo are preserved.

Fonts used in the V-Nova logo must not be altered.

V-Nova Blue

HEX: #003b75
RGB (0, 59, 117)
CMYK (46, 23, 0, 54)

Red Highlight


HEX: #c7382d
RGB (199, 56, 45)
CMYK (0, 72, 77, 22)